We purchase tickets on demand from both international and local airlines. We are fully automated and linked to Amadeus. The use of computerized reservation systems enables us to make on-line reservations and book seats on availability as well as give an immediate response to inquiries. We book flights to destinations anywhere in the world.

TRAVELTRON has a profound understanding of the various airlines’ incentives e.g. frequent flyer programs, check-in facilities, in-flight entertainment and business facilities, global alliance, and code sharing of the various international airlines operating in Nigeria.  This, therefore, makes it possible for us to advise clients on the most suitable airline and route to any destination in the most economic and convenient way. We also take into consideration transit times at airports.


Our services extend to arranging car hire services at most destinations and making hotel reservations for our customers. We also make your local hotel reservations with the leading hotels in the country.


Traveltron is agent for several Cruise Lines, including Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises and Celebrity Cruises. What better way to reward your staff for their hard work by taking them on a Cruise? We will arrange a door-to-door unforgettable vacation.


We offer advice, secure and process VISA applications to some countries, and advise on the procedures and travel restrictions applicable to various countries of the world. We provide protocol services on-demand with regard to Airport arrival/departure, customs, and immigration formalities. We also assist in procuring transit visas where required.


We use Online Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to instantly reserve, confirm and manage flights, hotels, car hire, and other reservations. We also encourage the use of letters, text messages, and email for reservations. This reduces delays and errors in the transmission of information as happens via telephone. Our Information Management Systems enable us to respond to requests effectively and feedback from us would be sent immediately via email, text messages, or WhatsApp.

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